Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The cake is in the oven - almost.

Well, hmm... apparently I'm not very good at this whole journaling thing. And really, it's not for lack of things to say as you who know me also know I'm never short of opinions on almost anything. And just to balance that statement out, I'm also never short of questions either. There. I feel better about myself now!


My New Year's resolution was to make this a year of music and so far it's been good! I started off as a fill-in singer for a Regina band called "The Uncoolas" which is billed as a tribute to K-Tel Records. Those of us of a certain age most certainly grew up with "22 Greatest Hits!!" "22 Greatest Stars!!" in bold, bombastic colours and loud TV advertising. K-Tel records was the precursor for the Much Music "Big Shiny Tunes" cds and was a great way of getting a whole bunch of hit songs on one album. I'll give you the website address if you want more info ( I've done a couple of gigs with this band and it's been fun and pressure free. I'm one of three singers and do mostly back-up vocals plus I don't have to book it or coordinate it or arrange travel or even drive to the out of town gigs! It provides a nice balance to my own gig where the responsibilities are a lot greater.

Speaking of my own gig, I'm looking forward to getting back to Saskatoon on March 14th & 15th at Bud's On Broadway. I'll be playing with Brett Schinbein, Brent Taylor, Dan Silljer and Mike Thompson and it will be a blast, I'm sure! After that, we'll be laying tracks for the CD and we'll be focusing on getting the right sound and presenting the songs as best we can. Speaking of songs, as it stands right now, there'll be eight original tunes and one cover ("The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald"). I still have a bunch of ideas for tunes that I just haven't finished as of today's date but we'll see how it goes.

Other than that, I have a corporate gig with The Uncoolas at the end of March and then my band will be playing for Redbeard's Birthday Party on April 11th at The Distrikt. (9:15 pm start for about 45 min., I think.) We'll be back at McNally's on May 23rd and for now, I think that's that.

Super lookin' forward to finally getting the disc out there...I'll keep you posted when I nail down a solid date but it will be soon!

Hope all is rockin' in your world and see you soon!


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